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The Outcome Assessment Platform Research

How to create a satisfaction assessment experience for faculty and administrators?

Feb 2019 - Aug 2019, 7 months UX Researcher 



Watermark released the Outcome Assessment Platform in February 2019. It is to help institutions connect information across the institution and gain meaningful insights into student learning. 


The primary purpose of the usability test was to detect usability problems of the product with special attention to Administrator and contributor experience. 

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Watermark Insights.

My role

As a UX Research Intern at Watermark, I  7 months conducting in-depth user research on their primary product, the Outcome Assessment Platform.

  • Authored research plan and script

  • Recruited faculty, administrators and coordinated interview schedules.

  • Set up Eye-tracking software and led the research usability testing

  • Organized raw data to do quantitative and qualitative analysis 

  • Synthesized and communicated insights to different teams 

My team:

Jared John Rogers (Product Design Lead)

Yanbin Hao (UX Researcher intern)


Cognitive Walkthrough

Eye-Tracking / Facial Recognition

Affinity Diagram

Task Analysis

Moderated Testing

Semi-Structure interview / Video interview

Deliverable Results

Reseach Deck & Research Report


Target users

Based on the pain points, the educational intelligence platform from Watermark insights helps institutions connect information across the institution and gain meaningful insights into student learning.

  • Faculty: Know more about their teaching outcome and potential improvement. 

  • Administrator: Help to support students, faculty, and leaders with improvement.

  • Leader: Make decisions based on assessment results.


Research Process

Data Analysis

Data Sample

research data analysis.png

Deliverable Results

  • Research Deck

  • Research Report

What I have learned:​

From this project, I learned a lot about research for B2B product as well as the affordances provided by the platform. I got to try my hand at interviewing the clients and exploring the new possibilities within the Outcome Assessment Platform, as well as designing Assessment software for Watermark insights. 


Working on B2B is super rewarding because I help to contribute to the tech community as a whole and can engage directly with our clients. We’re always striving to make Watermark insights the best Outcome Assessment Platform it can be, so it can provide the best experience to everyone who uses it.