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UT Students Vaping Intervention



Vaping or E-Cigarette becomes more and more popular in the younger generation. But how to make 

By conducting various researches, we dipped the pain points about vaping problems on the campus, especially undergraduate students. Also, we created solutions and strategies for future recommendations. 

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My role

As a Design Researcher, 3 months of course project research with design thinking, the focus group and analyze data.

  • Authored research plan and interview script.

  • Conducted individual interviews.

  • Analyze the focus group data and wrote the report.

  • Attended the ideation of prototype

  • Sketched the final prototype

  • Synthesized and communicated insights to the class.

My team:

Yanbin Hao (Design Researcher)

Laura Bashour (Medical Researcher)

Rupal Desai (Business Strategist)

Nathan Davis (Design Researcher)


Secondary Research

Dot Survey

Secret Shopper


Focus Group

Semi-Structure interview 

Affinity Diagram

Service Blueprint

Deliverable Results

Final prototype

Research Deck & Research Report

The Problem

E-cigarette in the campus is a bigger problem than most people realize. The line that defines dependence on E-cigarette is open to interpretation. It is unclear about college students' attitudes towards E-cigarette and their habits.

How might we help students keep their own habits in check?

How can we help them spot problems in themselves or others?

How might we define and guide a path forward to support, healing, and recovery?



Field Research

According to the secret shopper, shadow observation, the summary

 Vaping is more socially acceptable than other forms of smoking and easy to do.

Students are not aware they are addicted, and if they are, they are indifferent about their vaping habit.

The majority of college students who vape started prior to college in high-school.

Students are purchasing vape pen cartridges more frequently than they normally would cigarettes.

Focus Group Interview

How did I draft the focus group interview scripts?

The focus group interview Report






Initial prototypes incorporated the social and personal dynamics of vaping, focusing on providing a financial incentive to quit vaping.

It includes a touchscreen above the washbasin to educate students and collect their attitude. Also, a recycle bin aims to collect their waste pods.

Other prototypes incorporated an AR component where vapers could be taken on an “experience” highlighting the perils of vaping and potential negative outcomes from vaping.

The code will post in the restrooms on campus. Students can scan QR code to enter a virtual tour to experience vaping and it negative effect on the body, such as bubble lung and addiction.



Our target users are college students who have already vaped with regular habits. The mobile phone is the most accessible and possible approach to behavior and attitude change.



Still working on it

What I have learned:​

From this project, it is my first time to explore the healthcare field. I learned a lot about research on healthcare concepts and products.

The most important point is ethics. Ethics procedures are there to protect patients and their data. I did tons of effort to reduce participants' worries about privacy and ethic problem, such as anonymous and mosaic pictures.