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Akutehealth-- Creative Healthcare App



Akute Health is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) mobile application. The target users are patients, caregivers, and doctors.

By conducting researches, we dipped the pain points about interfaces and strategy and created a future recommendation. 

My role

As a UX Research, 7 months conducting in-depth user research on their primary product, the Outcome Assessment Platform.

  • Authored research plan and script.

  • Conducted the pilot study of usability testing.

  • Recruited user interview schedules.

  • Led the research usability testing

  • Organized raw data to do quantitative and qualitative analysis 

  • Synthesized and communicated insights to the CEO.

My team:

Yanbin Hao (UX Researcher)

Vincent Chang (UX Designer)

Leila Lin (UX Researcher)


Affinity Diagram

Secondary Research

Heuristic Evaluation

Task Analysis

Moderated Testing

Semi-Structure interview 

Deliverable Results

Reseach Deck & Research Report


The process of Research

Client Kickoff

During the client kickoff, we knew what our main objectives are and why we need to conduct usability tests. Our client wants to build an application that can democratize access to medical data, make sense of data and sharing function.

Democratize access to medical data

Make sense of data

Sharing function

Secondary Research

Secondary Research is a research method that involves using already existing data. Existing data is summarized and collated to increase the overall effectiveness of research.

From the Literature Review and Market Analysis we found that there is a rising trend in using smartphones among adults in the United States, and the target user group that we identified, elderly people that are 65 years old and older, also shows a rising trend in owning smartphones.


We then continued to conduct Competitive Analysis and Heuristic Evaluation to further understand AkuteHealth competitors in the field and current interface performance.


  • The strongest competitor will be Apple Health.

  • Market analysis shows the uprising trend in mobile devices usage. 
- Focus on providing a simplistic user interface for elderly people that may be your potential target user base.


According to the client kick-off and secondary research, the objectives of the research are confirmed:

- To learn about pain points that patients who suffer from chronic diseases and potential opportunity in the market.

- To get user feedback on the Electronic Health Record aspect of Akute Health.

- To understand users’ attitudes toward sharing medical records with others.

Research Questions:
- What are the satisfaction, effectiveness, and efficiency of Akute Health?

- Have users encountered difficulties with medical records?

- Does Akute Health satisfy users’ needs?

To better understand users’ behaviors and motivations, we made a screener, and recruited:
5 participants finished usability tests, 4 of them also completed user interviews.


Future perspective

Based on usability testing and interview results, here are four recommendations:

  •  Perfect edit function

  •  Narrow down target users

  •  Emphasize the importance of sharing function

  •  Deal with Trust problem

What I have learned:​

From this project, it is my first time to explore the healthcare field. I learned a lot about research on healthcare concepts and products.

The most important point is ethics. Ethics procedures are there to protect patients and their data. I did tons of effort to reduce participants' worries about privacy and ethic problem, such as anonymous and mosaic pictures.

I learned that compared to other fields, there are emotional effects in observing intense medical procedures and talking to vulnerable people that suffer from chronic conditions can challenge researchers. As a user experience researcher, I have to think about the position, perspectives and personal experiences with the topic without bias and no judgement about it.