Passion on Cooking, History, Kayak

Hi, I am Yanbin, a blogger, chef, and museum curator.

I started my blogs in 2018 as a way to collect my UX thoughts and food recipes, share them with friends and family. I spent many years in Asia and North America, splitting my time between China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, Thailand, and United States. I was there for school and work but also because I loved the food!

When I was in Beijing, I lived in the Hutongs and look forward to the snack bars and Shabu Lamb. In Hangzhou, I sat beside the West Lake and enjoyed the fish from West Lake with vinegar sauce. In Wuhan, I ate the spicy and garlic crawfish every day and listened to the local musicians' Chinese traditional instruments. In Hong Kong, I look forward to having pineapple buns as brunch and fried crab in Typhoon Shelter as a dinner. I had my first raw fish experience in Taiwan and became addicted to raw seafood since then. 

In Thailand, I ate absolutely all fruits and explore street food with a lot of fun! Now I have most of my time in Austin, Texas. I am enjoying the tacos, cheese, and of course, bbq now!