Yanbin Hao

UX Researcher / Design Researcher

I am a Senior Design Researcher intern at IBM Data and AI now. I am passionate about solving the problems, like an owl hunting in complete darkness. I am also a superwoman to find system bugs with Enterprise Design Thinking and generate solutions.  

I consider myself a UX Research Specialist. I have 5 years of academic research experience and 2 years of UX experience through internships. Whether pumping a pumpkin spice latte as a barista, serving customers in the bookstore during game days, or giving tours to visitors at Texas Military Forces Museum, my goal is always to understand and serve users from cross-cultural backgrounds. Now I am actively seeking full-time UX opportunities!



Passion about User-Centered Research and Design


UX Research

 AutoAI with IBM Watson Studio
-- UX Research Project
Sentiment analysis of Amazon Alexa reviews -- Machine learning on UX Research 


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